• Ukraine

Mammoet has strengthened its presence in Ukraine with the opening of a new office and yard in the country.

Situated in the country’s capital of Kiev, the new office will help Mammoet to improve its local offering in the country. Mammoet has been providing services in Ukraine since 2011. Since first starting work in the country, Mammoet has served a range of sectors in the country such as petrochemicals, civil, maritime, metals, nuclear, and renewables.

Over the last couple of years, operations have included the load-in of port cranes at Yuzhnyy Port and the installation of sections of the Shyliavskiy bridge in Kiev, where SPMTs and jacking equipment was deployed. Mammoet has also undertaken motor replacements at steel plants, and wind farm projects, including Myrnenska Wind Farm – the biggest and most powerful wind farm in Ukraine.

One of Mammoet’s most significant and high-profile projects has been its contribution to the installation of the New Safe Confinement structure over Reactor 4 at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. This required bespoke jacking and skidding solutions, with Mammoet developing a new skidding system to position the arch and deploying over 1,000m of skid tracks.

We’ve experienced a growing demand for our services in recent years and have also recognized the potential opportunities within Ukraine. This new dedicated office enables us to have a permanent presence, demonstrating Mammoet’s commitment to enhancing our overall service offering,” explained Ruslan Syrbu, General Manager for Mammoet’s Ukraine branch.

We can now store and test equipment locally, offering a faster mobilization for our services that can be optimized to local needs. Mammoet has gained a reputation as a reliable heavy lift and transport provider in Ukraine, and our team is looking forward to continuing to build relationships with our clients in the country.

Currently, the branch has 160t, 250t, and 600t capacity cranes, SPMTs, JS500 jacking systems, and 200t capacity climbing jacks with auxiliary equipment. Alongside this, the branch will continue to draw on Mammoet’s wider global resources.