• Heavy transport

Mammoet has initiated the development of an SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Transporter) widening adaptor.

This system makes it possible to increase the track width of a split SPMT – thereby increasing the width of the loading platform without the need to add more SPMT trailer units to safely execute a job.

Mammoet-initiated SPMT widening adaptor for high and wide loads – reducing the number of trailers needed and the carbon footprint for specific transport projects – introduced at BAUMA 2016.

In heavy transport, high and wide loads with a high center of gravity – such as large pipe rack modules – are typically transported on multiple rows of SPMTs. Connecting more SPMT trailer units side-by-side creates a wider loading platform ensuring the stability of the load during transport and enhancing safety. However, in many cases, the increased load capacity that comes with the additional trailer units is not required. Mammoet came up with the idea to design a widening adaptor that allows for variable spacing of split SPMT trailers – increasing the width of the loading platform without the need to add more SPMTs and Power Pack Units (PPUs). This allows for safer and more cost-effective transport of specific loads and reduces the carbon footprint of those transports that would otherwise need more SPMTs and PPUs.

Mammoet contracted Scheuerle, the leading manufacturer of heavy transport vehicles, for the engineering and fabrication of the SPMT widening adaptor. Scheuerle developed a new variation of SPMT that is quite literally split down the middle along its entire length. Double sets of articulated arms are attached to the inner walls of the two SPMT halves and to runners that slide over a central tube down the middle of the SPMT. The central tube keeps the articulated arms aligned as they move to either increase or decrease the track width.

The split SPMT with a widening adaptor has a minimum width of 3 meters and a maximum width of 6,4 meters – meaning one row of split SPMTs can replace two rows of conventional SPMTs. By removing the widening mechanism and placing it on top of the two reconnected SPMT halves, the width is reduced to 2,43 meters making it possible to fit the split SPMT into a standard flat rack shipping container for efficient shipping.

By the end of 2015, the split SPMT with a widening adaptor was tested and approved by Mammoet. The first units will go into operation in the first half of 2016. Scheuerle will present this innovation at the BAUMA 2016 (hall FN.828) in Munich, Germany, 11-17 April 2016. The BAUMA is the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles, and construction equipment. At the same time, Mammoet Merchandise will introduce a 1:50 scale model of the split SPMT with a widening adaptor at BAUMA 2016 (hall C4.321).