Am I made for Mammoet? Is Mammoet made for me? If you’re asking these questions, the answer to both of them could be ‘yes’. At Mammoet we have an open culture and questioning things is a big part of that. It doesn’t matter what your area of expertise is, if you ask the right questions and want to find the answers then you might be made for us. And we might be made for you.

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Working at Mammoet

We’ll surprise you

Mammoet is a global company with a diverse team and a history in heavy lifting and transport going back more than 200 years. Although we’re a big company, that doesn’t make us corporate, conventional or stuffy. You’ll get a different experience working at Mammoet.

Everyone who works here is important, and everyone has the chance to make a difference. Just how you do that depends on you – your passions, your ideas, your skills. Whether you’re selling projects to clients, engineering lifts, operating the equipment or sending out invoices, you’ll always have the opportunity to speak up, take the initiative and suggest better ways of doing things.

This desire to make things better is something we all share here at Mammoet and it’s reflected in what we do. On one level, we strive to find smarter and safer ways of doing things for our customers every day. On another, our big projects in energy, industry and infrastructure make a real difference to communities, countries and people all around the world.

The Mammoet culture

The pride and enthusiasm we all share feeds into Mammoet’s atmosphere. Our people love pulling on the red overalls, handing copies of Mammoet World to customers, and catching a glimpse of our mammoth logo on the news. We’re committed to doing our jobs well, while at the same time supporting each other to help make Mammoet a better company. The community spirit throughout Mammoet is hard to beat.

We love a challenge. We want to push the boundaries, and do things nobody’s tried before. Everyone here shares that passion and it leads to a deep sense of commitment.

In our line of work, excellence can only be achieved through teamwork. Everyone has a role, and when we work together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We are honest and open – and even blunt at times –  but we respect each other’s skills and strengths. As part of our team, you’ll have the chance to grow as a professional and as a person.

Safety is our top priority. We want to get things done, but what matters more than anything is that everyone goes home safe and sound at the end of the day. Mammoet takes its wider duty of care very seriously – to the environment, to communities and to individuals.

As a global company, Mammoet takes responsibility for setting standards and driving development. Each of us has responsibilities that come with the job, and everyone is jointly responsible for the future of our company. We expect people to speak up if something isn’t right, and to listen to one another. We’re committed to treating people fairly, giving clear and constructive feedback.

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Career areas

If you’re looking for a unique atmosphere, a chance to be the best version of yourself and make a difference, you’ll be surprised by what Mammoet has to offer…

Jobs in the field – From drivers, riggers and mechanics through to supervisors and on-site engineers, Mammoet’s operations in the field rely on flexible, decisive problem-solvers who are committed to teamwork and safety. Responsibilities can range from keeping equipment in tip-top condition through to troubleshooting on-the-ground problems in the middle of an operation. Are you ready for the challenge?

Engineering – At Mammoet we aim to achieve the exceptional. To do this, our engineers find innovative and groundbreaking solutions to a whole range of technical challenges thrown at us by our customers. Engineering is at the heart of what we do, and the focus is on planning and executing lift and transport operations using cranes, trailers, SPMTs and more. Being a Mammoet engineer is exciting and dynamic, and requires flexibility, professionalism and teamwork.

Project management – Can you take ownership of a project and see it through from concept to conclusion? Mammoet needs project managers with a broad range of skills who can combine science with creativity. It’s essential to be organized, outgoing, confident and ready to work closely with clients on projects big and small. You’ll also oversee contract management, planning, safety, budgets, deadlines and the client relationship.

Commercial – Success in sales and marketing depends on understanding the needs of our customers, drawing up attractive proposals or campaigns, and combining technical understanding with commercial acumen in order to win contracts and build relationships with clients. You’ll be able to analyze the market, see where Mammoet can add value, and spot opportunities others hadn’t thought of.

Office staff – It’s our planners, finance, HR and other office staff that enable us to take on groundbreaking projects around the world. The high standard of their work sets up our people in the field for success, which in turn makes Mammoet successful as a whole.

Growing with Mammoet

Traditional career paths don’t always apply at Mammoet. Yes, you’ll face challenges from day one, but you’ll also have the freedom to challenge yourself in new ways and to shape your own career. Mammoet is ready to support you in this with a robust set of training, talent and development programs.

After years of studying, you are ready to begin your career, put your skills into practice, and rise to new challenges. At Mammoet we offer a range of programs for newly qualified professionals including internships across the business. There are also graduate, sales and technical trainee opportunities.

The Mammoet Academy is our central training facility offering formal instruction and practical training to everyone in the company regardless of their role, location or area of expertise. You’ll develop your professional competency and skillsets through courses, online learning and on-the-job training. Safety is the most important topic on the agenda, but the Academy also provides training on health, the environment and role-specific skills.

At Mammoet we want to attract and nurture leadership talent. We have programs in place so that bright go-getters have the opportunity to advance quickly, and ones for more experienced leaders to enhance their skills. If you’re invited to join one of these programs, you’ll be able to increase your potential, gain insight into how our business operates around the world, and broaden your horizons. By experiencing key areas of the business for yourself, these programs will prime you for future roles.

A whole range of further training and development opportunities is available at Mammoet to help professionals improve their abilities throughout their careers with us. They cover areas such as strategic thinking, entrepreneurial skills, problem-solving and more.

A part of SHV Holdings

Mammoet is part of the SHV group, one of the largest privately-owned companies in the world. A family business with an impressive portfolio of companies: Eriks, Makro, NPM Capital, Nutreco, One Dyas, and SHV Energy. Being part of a bigger holding gives possible career opportunities beyond Mammoet. 

Visit SHV for more information.

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