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One contractor to optimize all cranes.

Hidden in the boreal forests of northern Ontario is Canada’s largest undeveloped gold reserve. Detour Gold started construction of a new installation to delve the mine’s 16 million ounces of gold.

With numerous structures to build, Detour was looking for a time and cost-effective way to prepare the plant for mining as soon as possible. With that uptime in mind, Detour chose Mammoet, based on its broad experience and fleet, to be the sole contractor to handle all lifting operations.

Early in the production process, Detour Gold realized that hiring multiple contractors, each with their own cranes, would create some inefficiencies and delays. Not only would precious time be wasted training each individual operator, but there was also a significant chance of expensive cranes standing idle.

Not to mention the time and energy Detour had to spend managing all suppliers. Initially one of several contractors, Mammoet was approached by Detour Gold to take charge of all lifting jobs in order to maximize crane utilization.

detour gold facilities.jpg

With its extensive fleet, Mammoet was able to supply all equipment while guaranteeing maximum efficiency with a minimal number of cranes. Whenever a crane was waiting for materials to arrive, it was put to use elsewhere on the construction site.

Costs for mobilizing cranes to the remote location of the Detour mine were also significantly reduced. Efficiencies in maintenance helped prevent breakdowns – another big advantage of the chosen approach.

All cranes were efficiently managed and operated by fifty Mammoet professionals, who spent a total of nine months on location. They carried out various lifting tasks for several subcontractors at the Detour site. During the 100,000 man-hours, the Mammoet crew put in, not a single minute was lost due to injuries. This is a remarkable achievement, thanks to Mammoet’s strict safety program and procedures.

By partnering with Mammoet, Detour Gold was able to save a significant amount of time and money in its overall construction strategy.