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With the right network, expertise and equipment, even time can be managed.

Imperial Metals needed to transport a 92-ton transformer from Montreal to the Red Chris Mine, 6,268 kilometers away. Mammoet was contracted for its extensive experience in factory-to-foundation solutions, controlling the entire transport chain.

However, as the transformer’s release was delayed due to unforeseen fabrication circumstances, the pressure was on to still deliver the cargo in time. In a multimodal transport operation, managing many third parties and overcoming unforeseen obstacles, Mammoet succeeded in getting the transformer to the mine well within the set timeframe.

While the start date of the transport was pushed back, the delivery deadline was not. Once the transport got underway, more challenges awaited further down the road. Among others, the operation included a very short timeframe to transfer the transformer from a rail car to a barge, dozens of bridges to cross, and a steep incline to the top of the mine. In short, Mammoet wasn’t in for an easy ride.

Once the transformer was cleared for departure, Mammoet placed it onto a heavy-duty rail car for the 4,900-km journey to the Fraser- Surrey Docks in Vancouver. But due to the schedule changes, the required transfer window at the docks was no longer fully available. Tapping into its vast network of subcontractors, Mammoet sped up the process and managed to bring the transformer from the railcar to the barge within the remaining last day of the 3-day window and sent off the barge on its journey to Stewart.

In Stewart, the transformer was brought back on dry land for the most challenging leg of the journey. Not only had a number of power and communication lines to be lifted, but the transport also had to cross no less than 37 bridges en route to the mine, each requiring an independent capacity study before the 92-ton transport could cross.

While Mammoet utility coordinators worked round the clock to arrange all permits, its engineers handled the surveys. As a result, preparation was completed in just one month.

When the transport arrived at the mine, the final challenge was to overcome a steep incline. Mammoet used two push trucks and a prime mover to carry the transformer up the hill. When the cargo arrived at its destination, it was lowered onto its concrete foundation using hydraulic jacks and skid rails. In time and without incident.