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For over 25 years, Mammoet has worked with a major steel production plant in the Netherlands.

Not only has Mammoet been declared a preferred supplier for heavy lifting and transport services at the site, but a maintenance service agreement (MSA) contract is in place covering all ongoing maintenance at the plant.

At any one time, approximately 14 Mammoet cranes will be assisting the steelworks' engineers and subcontractors with work on furnaces, factories, conveyors, and port facilities.

In order to respond quickly and efficiently, Mammoet Netherlands has an office situated right next to the steel plant. Over and above day-to-day fulfillment of maintenance duties, Mammoet assists with bigger projects on the site by providing crawler cranes, SPMTs, conventional trailers, gantry cranes, jacking and skidding systems, and more.

Recent work has included the change-out of two 450-ton overhead cranes in the casting area, and the replacement of a 900-ton converter, which mixes liquid iron.

In 2018, the plant is building a third casting line to increase capacity. When complete, it will be a continuous casting machine. Mammoet is supporting the concrete subcontractor with the construction of the buildings and will be installing 6,000 tons of setting equipment by the end of the year.

The MSA means that the steel company doesn’t have to introduce new contractors to the working processes and safety protocol on the site each time a lift is carried out. Mammoet’s teams know the terrain, where the basements and production lines are, and where equipment can and can’t be positioned. A library of engineering drawings has been built up covering all lift types, shortening the timeline of nearly every operation. This realizes a number of efficiencies for the owners. 

Mammoet’s fleet and workforce offer the resources and flexibility to provide regular maintenance activities with the option of additional support. It also offers the ability to provide a rapid response service for emergency maintenance activities. In addition, the skilled workforce is familiar with the site's specific safety requirements, physical features, and how to work effectively with the client's own team.

The relationship, based on trust, communication, and professionalism built up between the client and Mammoet, makes this arrangement, safer and more efficient for both parties.