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The SPMT was initially launched by both companies in Pfedelbach in 1983.

Scheuerle, a subsidiary of TII Group, and Mammoet’s joint introduction of the SPMT in 1983 revolutionized the heavy lift and transport industry. The introduction of the SPMT combined unprecedented payload capacity with electronic multi-way steering. This combination of technology paved the way for the completion of large-scale industrial projects that had previously been unattainable. Mammoet currently has 2,200 SPMT axle lines in operation.

Susanne Rettenmaier, a member of the TII Group management board, commented on the anniversary, “Most important for TII is that we offer reliable products that meet the needs of our customers. Mammoet shows what you can achieve with our vehicles.

Jan Kleijn, chief executive officer of Mammoet, emphasized the importance of the joint Mammoet-TII Group collaboration before the anniversary today. “A close cooperative relationship has emerged over the years between Scheuerle and Mammoet. As in all areas of life, trust is the basis of a good relationship. In this case, it was confidence in technology, quality service and sound advice. Confidence in our capabilities is what established Mammoet as the global leader in heavy transport today. Over 30 years ago, we held talks with several heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. In the end, we chose Scheuerle, the most competent partner.”

Otto Rettenmaier, the owner of the TII Group, added, “Mammoet and Scheuerle look back today at a 30-year shared history of success. This is cause for celebration, but also an incentive not to rest on our laurels. Proximity to the customer will remain our priority in the future.”



Mammoet helps clients improve construction efficiency and reduce downtime of plants and installations. For that purpose, we provide solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures.

Our services are focused on the petrochemical and mining industries, civil engineering, power generation and offshore projects. The logistic challenges in these industries are growing daily, with factors such as remote location, harsh climate and emphasis on environmental care raising the bar.

We help clients reduce the cost of ownership and optimize the uptime of their plants and installations with the following services:


  • Lifting, transportation and installation of modular constructions

  • Factory-to-foundation projects

  • Plant turnaround logistics

  • Lifting and transportation services

  • Salvage and wreck removal

  • Decommissioning of on and offshore installations

  • Trading in new and used equipment worldwide


Mammoet is known for the unique size and capacity of its state-of-the-art equipment. But it is the trust of our clients that enables 5,000 Mammoet professionals to give their best every day and truly make a difference in projects worldwide.


More about the companies of the TII Group

Transporters from SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG are recognized across the world for their advanced technology and exceptional product quality. Reliability in daily use, high load capacity, and long working life make vehicles a very important component of modern logistical operations. The history of vehicle technology for heavy transport vehicles is closely connected with the names SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS, and KAMAG. The companies combine tradition and innovation and belong to the company group of the Heilbronn entrepreneur Otto Rettenmaier. The TII Group - Transporter Industry International is the world market leader in the development and manufacture of heavy-duty transport vehicles.