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Mammoet is pleased to announce the successful completion of the heavy lift and transport scope of a Gulf Coast project in Louisiana.

For this project, Mammoet mobilized teams from both Canada and America who worked over 45,000 man-hours on the project. “Through careful collaboration with our clients, Mammoet was once again able to provide local service with global capabilities,” stated Mammoet’s St. Gabriel Branch Manager, Anthony Garcia, upon completion of the scope. 

Mammoet was originally contracted to perform a total of 9 heavy lifts and 26 transports. However, as the project progressed this number increased and Mammoet was able to respond immediately by utilizing the equipment already on-site. In addition, Mammoet utilized a CC 6800 and CC 3800 to install a flare and transported stacks using SPMTs with turntables. 

At the beginning of 2017, Mammoet completed an eight-and-a-half-mile transport of the project’s heaviest vessel through a sugar cane field.

The route included several 90-degree turns, a seven-foot drop in elevation following a railroad crossing and required coordination with 20 different entities. Following its safe delivery to the site, Mammoet lifted the 595-ton vessel using the CC-8800 equipped with a boom booster.