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Mammoet is moving a significant fleet to Africa to support the growing Mozambique economy.

Mammoet, the global market leader in engineered heavy lifting and transport has mobilized a fleet of heavy lifting and transport equipment into Mozambique.

The fleet of specialized equipment and supporting crew of experienced professionals will be located in Mocímboa da Praia town in Cabo Delgado province. The office, which will be centrally managed by Mammoet’s South African office, is geared up to deliver services and solutions for client needs in heavy lifting and transport across the country.

Davide Andreani, General Manager of Mammoet South and East Africa explains: "Mammoet has worked in Mozambique for quite a while now, albeit on a project basis. The outlook of Mozambique's economy is positive. Particularly, as capital investments have been growing significantly in the past few years. Mammoet locates its global fleet close to our customers anywhere in the world they need us, in order to serve them swiftly and efficiently. It demonstrates our commitment to be part of, and to contribute to the Mozambique community, working with local people, utilizing the local workforce, training and offering professional development opportunities to help grow our business and the local economy."

Mammoet has been present in Africa for over 50 years, playing an essential role in Africa’s growth story, offering its solutions and expertise in engineered heavy lifting and transport for clients in the power, petrochemical, mining, civil and infrastructure sectors.