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All of the components for the first LNG train have now been transported to the foundation.

On Tuesday 1 November, Mammoet transported the 5400-ton, 103-meter long module from the heavy transport ship to the dock using 400 axle lines of SPMTs. At the buffer area, the module was jacked down. Once the jacking operation was completed on November 5th the module was positioned onto SPMTs and transported to the plant's foundation.

The Yamal LNG project comprises the construction of three LNG liquefaction trains on the Yamal peninsula, situated on the outer rim of Arctic Siberia. The plant will have an output capacity of 16.5 million metric tons of gas per year. Within this project, Mammoet is responsible for moving 150 modules and over 1200 smaller items from heavy transport ships in the port of Sabetta to the plant's foundation. To move all of these components to their destination as swiftly and safely as possible, Mammoet will be using more than 1700 axle lines of SPMT, the largest number of SPMTs ever to be used on a single project anywhere in the world.module transport during winter.jpg