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Upgrading the PTC200-DS to save on downtime at the Jamnagar refinery.

Mammoet has been awarded a contract for critical heavy lift work by Reliance at the Jamnagar Refinery. The Jamnagar Refinery is owned and operated by Reliance at a single location in Jamnagar, India. It is currently the largest refinery in the world.

In preparation for the partial shutdown project, Mammoet has upgraded the world’s largest crane – the PTC200-DS – to a PTC210-DS to ensure the lifts are executed as efficiently as possible. Upgrading the crane for additional capacity will enable it to lift a 2000-ton structure in one piece as opposed to lifting it in multiple sections. This approach is much faster and will help minimize downtime of the refinery during turnaround and maintenance work. 

Mammoet has a longstanding working relationship with Reliance, having been involved in the construction of the Jamnagar Refinery. More recently Mammoet deployed two PTCs at the facility to enhance project efficiency.