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Safe and successful delivery of wind turbine tower sections over a challenging 3,500km route.


Mammoet has successfully delivered 13 wind turbine tower sections for the second phase of the Astana Expo 2017 wind farm project in Kazakhstan. In doing so, it has broken its own record for the longest land transportation ever undertaken in the country.

Mammoet was chosen due to its proven ability to deliver over remote routes, that were not designed for the transportation of heavy loads and for being able to act as a single point of contact for the entire transportation phase, handling all permits and temporary civil infrastructure changes required to deliver fragile loads safely and efficiently to site.

The second phase of the wind farm – Astana II, will expand the wind farm from 52 MW to 100 MW capacity. It is being developed by TSATEK Green Energy LLP, which has contracted Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas to supply 14 units of V117-3.45MW wind turbines equipped with Vestas Low-Temperature Operation. These turbines are designed for optimal performance in northern Kazakhstan’s dry continental climate; with extremely fluctuating temperatures and high wind conditions.

wind turbine parts ready for transport.jpg

The cargo was received at a Caspian port, directly from the sea-river vessel and then carefully transported over 3,500km route between the port and the project site. Mammoet has arranged special escort vehicles, constructed bypass roads and arranged for permits and authorization required along the route well in advance. All thirteen turbine sections have been delivered over four voyages.

Each tower section, made of tubular steel, weighs 67t and measures 30m, with only a few meters’ overhang allowance. Since the material is very fragile, Mammoet has utilized its hydraulic modular trailers to absorb the uneven condition of the roads. This also spreads the weight of the sections, decreasing ground-bearing pressure on bridges and reducing the requirement for costly civil work.

As more governments around the world look to alternative forms of energy production to help address climate change, the Astana Expo 2017 Wind Farm is another important step in further developing the growth of renewable energy production in Kazakhstan” commented Ali Yoldashov, General Manager Mammoet Caspian.

We are grateful to our client, who has given us the opportunity to work on this project and enabled us to showcase our capabilities within the onshore wind market in Kazakhstan. Recognizing our global track record, the client was confident we would deliver the delicate cargo safely and efficiently. Successful progress on the delivery of tower sections in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic was achievable due to the outstanding collaboration of the project team and our partners: Kraft Spedition LLP, ISS Global Solutions and Mainstream Logistics, and resulted in a follow-on contract for delivering the nacelles, each weighing 72t, to the job site.” he added.

The 100MW Astana Expo 2017 wind farm is being built in the vicinity of the country’s capital, Nur-sultan (former Astana), and comprises 30 wind turbines with a capacity of 3.3 MW each. Upon completion, the wind farm will provide electricity to more than 10,000 homes, thereby reducing the use of fossil fuels.