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Celebrating a partnership of over 90 years, Mammoet and transformer manufacturer Royal SMIT Transformers B.V. formalize and extend their relationship for a further five years with the signing of a framework agreement.

Mammoet has been responsible for the local transportation of Royal SMIT’s large and specialized transformers since 1927. Having experienced rapid growth, Royal SMIT required a strategic partner to transport an increasing number of transformers from the factory in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, to North Sea ports for onward transport to its customers worldwide.                                                                                                    

Olivier Dirkzwager, Mammoet Account Manager for the Royal SMIT partnership, explains the evolution of this relationship: “The transport of heavy loads really has come a long way since we moved the first 26,500-kilogram transformer for Royal SMIT. Back then, no vehicle could transport a single load that heavy so the Mammoet team moved the transformer manually over wooden beams, 200 meters a day, across Amsterdam.” 

Since that first project, we have established a global transport network over land and sea, ensuring that these valuable parts are delivered safely to their destinations, on time, and with minimal impact. This longstanding relationship has evolved along with the advancement of transformer technology and with the changing landscape of transport possibilities since 1927.” 

Niek Vehreschild, Manager Strategic Procurement, Royal SMIT, reflects on the relationship and the reasons behind the new agreement: “Royal SMIT is one of the global leaders in transformer manufacturing, our technology is supporting the power networks in countries all over the world and we need a transport company that can meet the unique challenges of each location.” 

Every part of the route has been carefully considered and planned. Each Thursday night, Mammoet moves transformers from Royal SMIT’s Nijmegen factory to the quay, lifting power cables and crossing a busy railway line. The Mammoet team has customized the route to ensure a safe and fast crossing that minimizes any impact on the transport networks, guaranteeing prompt delivery of these important products.” 

Our new five-year framework agreement solidifies the strong relationship that we already have with Mammoet. Its commitment to transport excellence supports our plans for growth. Mammoet provides a factory-to-foundation service that ensures complex logistics are taken care of and that our clients receive their products safely and on time.”