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Combined 8,600t of lifting power serving the country’s growing energy markets.

India, a nation experiencing rapid growth and high energy demand, has reached yet another milestone in its development journey. Mammoet, the global leader in heavy lifting and transport solutions, is proud to announce the deployment of three of the world's largest heavy lift ring cranes in the country's energy industry.

This is the only time in the history of Mammoet in India, where its high-capacity heavy lift cranes have been concentrated in the country, all operating at the same time.

Mammoet's ring cranes are renowned for their exceptional versatility and efficiency. Designed to be easily transported to any corner of the globe, these cranes feature containerized components, ensuring cost-effectiveness during transportation and shipping between sites and even countries. Additionally, their compact base allows for concurrent on-site work, significantly reducing overall construction lead time and minimizing civil work requirements and related costs.

Rahul Rathod, Project Sales Director for Mammoet India, expressed his pride in witnessing the world's largest cranes in action on Indian soil: "It is truly extraordinary to have three of these colossal cranes in India at the same time. This monumental achievement underscores our commitment to serving India's evolving energy landscape with efficient and integrated solutions across various sectors, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, nuclear power, and offshore wind projects."

The three monumental cranes making their mark in India are the PTC210-DS, a staggering 5,000t capacity ring crane, currently stationed in Gujarat for the installation of multiple heavy refinery components.

Accompanying it are the PTC35-DS, a 1,600t capacity ring crane, and the PT50, a 2,000t ring crane, both diligently working in Rajasthan on various heavy refinery installations.

These cranes can undertake more sitewide lifting activity from a single location, removing productivity losses due to relocation downtime and reducing civil works needed on site. 

Each crane has a high operating speed, making each an optimal crane for time-driven projects that require multiple lifts.

Mammoet's remarkable achievements in India not only showcase its technical prowess but also solidify its position as a trusted partner for the country's energy industry. As the demand for innovative heavy lifting solutions continues to grow, Mammoet remains dedicated to serving India and delivering exceptional results that contribute to the country's progress.

One of the key factors setting Mammoet apart is its engineering expertise. The company's dedicated engineering teams collaborate from the initial project phase, offering tailored solutions that enhance construction efficiency and minimize downtime. With its commitment to innovation, Mammoet continues to drive progress in the industry, ensuring projects in India and beyond are completed swiftly and seamlessly.

Looking ahead, Mammoet is ready to further elevate India's energy infrastructure with its upcoming projects.

The company plans to introduce two additional powerhouse cranes: the SK190, a 4,300t class crane, and the SK6000, a remarkable 6,000t crane - the next evolution in the SK series of super heavy-lift cranes.

The SK6000 enables modular construction on a larger scale than ever before, cutting down on the number of operations, crane reconfigurations and working at height during heavy industry projects. 

These mammoth machines will play a pivotal role in the installation of multiple components during shutdown activities in the coming years, further bolstering efficiency and productivity across various projects in India.