Mammoet offers clients across industries a unique shutdown concept for the safe and efficient turnaround of maintenance and shutdown projects.

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Mammoet offers clients across industries a unique shutdown concept for the safe and efficient turnaround of maintenance and shutdown projects.

Safely minimizing downtime

Maintenance and shutdowns are inevitable during the lifecycle of any major facility. Scheduled maintenance, the replacement of parts, modification or expansion – each activity will support or improve the efficiency and safe functioning of the plant. Whether it’s to expand the capacity of a refinery or chemical plant, change out old components in a nuclear generator, or update the blast furnaces in a steel mill, a shutdown needs to be carried out safely and efficiently, minimizing both risk and downtime. 

For major industrial facilities, heavy lifting and transport expertise lies on the critical path of any significant maintenance or shutdown project. The logistical chain involved in the change out and upgrading of key components includes transport, lifting and installation of new parts or modules, and the removal of old items. Each stage requires careful planning and engineering, as well as the right lifting and transport equipment.

Logistical planning

Many plants were not designed with shutdowns in mind, and older facilities that have already been upgraded or expanded often present a congested working environment. In some cases, plant operators want to maintain output during a turnaround, and often multiple contractors are involved in the project, each with their own scope of work and schedule. All of these factors add to the complexity of a shutdown, and call for a comprehensive shutdown concept that takes into account not only the movement of the different components, but also the safe coordination of maintenance and shutdown-related activities across the site.

Experience across industries

Over many decades, Mammoet has built up extensive experience managing and executing shutdown activities across the major industries. We work in close partnership with global operators in conventional power, nuclear, petrochemical, mining, renewables, offshore operations and more. Through this we have developed a thorough understanding of the engineering and logistical requirements of shutdown operations, and a familiarity with the components and processes used in each industry.

Our practical, industry-specific expertise enables us to carry out a safe and efficient execution. Mammoet is often able to find a safe and cost-effective heavy lifting and transport model that shortens the schedule and minimizes disruption. We find ways to safely transport and install heavy and oversized components on-site even when a plant presents a complex, congested environment or where production needs to continue on part of the site during maintenance.

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Efficient exchange

Sometimes, the equipment Mammoet is able to deploy makes all the difference when upgrading a facility. In 2004, the Doel Nuclear Power Station in Belgium needed two new steam generators. Previous change-outs at the plant had been carried out through the side of the reactor adding considerably to the schedule. However, using a Mammoet 1600-ton PTC-35 ring crane, the old steam generators could be lifted out through the reactor’s dome, and the new 313-ton generators installed. This safe and efficient solution reduced the schedule by 30% and the power supply for the region was maintained without disruption.

Limiting disruption

When the Valero refinery, in California, needed to replace one of the plant’s vacuum towers there was no space to do it. It was decided that it would not be possible for a crane to remove the tower from its position in the congested refinery. And because production needed to continue on-site, Mammoet couldn’t remove any of the piping or obstructions to create room to work. So Mammoet used a gantry lift system to change the towers. By creating a surgically precise and smartly engineered plan, Mammoet’s team kept the project schedule to just two weeks and disruptions to operations in the refinery were kept to a minimum.

Unparalleled fleet of equipment

Mammoet offers the largest and most modern fleet of equipment in the world, ready to deploy on any continent. With its flexibility and capacity our range of equipment enables us to design tailor-made solutions whenever we face a new engineering challenge, and choose the most efficient approach for the job. The selection includes our in-house designed PTC cranes – in the 5000-ton lifting class, modular and conventional trailers, self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs), push-up systems, skidding systems, gantries and a broad array of auxiliary equipment. All the equipment in our fleet is subject to stringent maintenance programs that maintain the highest levels of quality, ensuring safety and reliability at all times.

Unique shutdown concept

The equipment available to our engineers is only part of the formula. With Mammoet’s skills and experience a complete approach, centered on safety and minimal downtime, can be created to fit every client’s particular requirements. Our engineers have developed a unique shutdown concept that is based on the pre-engineering of all heavy lifting and transport work required throughout a shutdown or maintenance operation. This enables optimized planning and coordination of different maintenance activities, performed by the various parties on site, but also supported by Mammoet’s engineering capability and lifting and transport capacity. This results in greater cost-effectiveness, as the overall operation becomes more streamlined and equipment is better utilized. Our detailed approach can significantly reduce the schedule for downtime projects and the associated costs, while enhancing safety. This means less downtime, a quicker return to production and a quicker return on investment. For Mammoet customers, this approach has become the preferred standard for shutdown management.