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Comprehensive foundation-to-foundation services for plant relocation.

To benefit from market circumstances, Methanex, the world leader in methanol production, wanted to have a factory in Louisiana, USA, as quickly as possible.

The best approach was the relocation of their existing plant from southern Chile, saving six to twelve months compared to constructing a new plant. Methanex and Jacobs, the EPC, chose Mammoet for its deep and longstanding expertise, both in modularization and foundation-to-foundation projects.

Mammoet delivered an integrated package of services, lifting and moving almost 400 heavy components and modules and setting them up for reassembly.

First, Mammoet supported Jacobs with the design of the modules so that they would be compatible with Mammoet’s equipment, the ships, and bottlenecks along the route. After the modules had been disassembled and reinforced by the client, they were moved from their remote Chilean location to their new US home, along with many heavy components.

All components and modules had a combined weight of more than 157,000 tons. Sometimes they needed to be transported over roads and bridges that had been engineered and constructed by Mammoet for this project.

methanex heavy transport.jpg

There were many other challenges, including loading and sea fastening in the Straits of Magellan, an area notorious for strong currents and sudden storms. Another challenge was offloading in Louisiana, where the Mississippi levee was crossed via a specially engineered and constructed bridge - the soil conditions required a customized design for the bridge and its foundations.

Mammoet managed subcontractors, secured the necessary permits, and maintained full oversight over the transport operation for the project’s duration. Its longstanding relationships with suppliers and contractors as well as regulatory and governing bodies in both countries – were critical in achieving an efficient, customer-responsive process.

The choice to move rather than rebuild will advance the start-up by six months to one year. Mammoet has helped Methanex save time and money by providing fully integrated services in a safe and cost-effective operation; heavy lifting and transport from Chile and setting modules and heavy components up for reassembly at a facility thousands of miles away in Louisiana – comprehensive services to get Methanex back to work sooner in its new North American home.