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Eye-catching bridge will allow world’s largest aircraft to drive underneath.

Mammoet has successfully assisted Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to create a new panoramic point with the installation of its Sky Bridge –the world’s longest airside bridge.

This pedestrian bridge spanning 200m long connects HKIA’s Terminal 1 with the North Satellite Concourse and is high enough for the world’s largest passenger aircraft to pass underneath. Mammoet is proud to have been able to transport the bridge using its Mega Jack 5200 system installed on Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) – the first time the Mega Jack 5200 had been used on SPMT.

The team faced the challenge of having a limited time period to transport a load weighing approximately 5,100t over 3km. Mammoet overcame this challenge by designing a solution that provided flexibility to the client, minimized disruption to the HKIA’s day-to-day schedules, and provided successful delivery of work, all within a confined space.

The project first saw the team transport the bridge a distance of 3.5km across the taxiway within just five hours. Transportation to the final erection area was performed using 264 axle lines of SPMT. The bridge was temporarily set down on the airfield’s apron, with the supports taking 10% of the weight, and jacked up to its installation height of 14.3m. Next, it was picked up and lifted above the final location - above the piers - before being lowered into position. The team also closely monitored the Mega Jack’s hydraulics during the welding works by the client, China State Construction Engineering. In total, it took seven days to complete all the necessary work.

Edwin Blösser, Project Manager for Mammoet, shared, “This project saw Mammoet go through detailed planning and work 24 hours throughout the 9-day critical time period given to us. This enabled us to accommodate both the client and airport authorities’ requests while ensuring the timely erection of the bridge.”

Charles Tse, China State Construction Engineering Corp Ltd said, “We are pleased with the work done by the Mammoet team. The project was completed on schedule with minimal disruption to the HKIA’s daily activities and this was especially important close to the Lunar New Year period when we expect an increase in traffic flow at this airport hub.”